William Maclay - Vermont Architects and Planners
Choices in Sustainability
SunCommon Headquarters - Waterbury, VT

suncommon 1

Maclay Architects was hired to explore the feasibility of constructing a new office building on a vacant site to accommodate the expanding company. Subsequently, SunCommon hired Maclay Architects to design the new office building. The client wanted a building that identifies with the company's unique brand and is a fabulous workplace.


The building is sited to maximize views out and connect with the environment and landscape, while also accommodating a second tenant space.


The shed form maximizes the potential for photovoltaics, both as an opportunity to showcase solar energy for the company, and to achieve net zero energy consumption.

suncommon 2

The building layout strategically positions workstations around the periphery so workers have access to views and daylight.

suncommon 3

Central conference rooms with skylights provide acoustic separation from departments within the company as well as easy access to team meeting areas.

This project was selected for the 2017 Merit Award at Efficiency Vermont's Better Buildings By Design, for Commercial New Construction.