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Resource Systems Group - Norwich, Vermont

Natural Lighting at Resource Systems in Norwich Vermont - Maclay Architects

Resource Systems Group purchased just over 5,000 SF of condominium office space in a typical 1980's office building. Part of the space had been finished and part was totally unfinished. While the building was well insulated and had adequate windows on the perimeter, it was 60 feet wide with no natural light on the interior and artificial lighting that was inefficient by today's standards.

The focus of their improvements is a new central multi-purpose dining room space surrounded by plants and supplied with roof monitor natural lighting to bring light into the central part of the space. High windows between offices and corridors were used to allow the maximum penetration of light from perimeter windows. Artificial lighting was replaced with state of the art lighting and controlled to minimize energy consumption. Mechanical systems and materials were selected to optimize indoor air quality and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

The office layout was designed to create a productive and pleasant space based on work groups. Offices are grouped around varied small and large meeting spaces to fit the needs of the differing discussions that are at the core of the firm's work process and philosophy.