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Hunger Mountain COOP - Montpelier, Vermont

"On behalf of Hunger Mountain Cooperative...thank you for the excellent services provided by William Maclay Architects & Planners in our recent construction and renovation project...We are so grateful to you for your reasonable fees and WMAP's treatment of our project as if it were your own. We are glad to offer you the highest recommendation without reservation."

Before and After - Hunger Mountain Co-op - Montpelier, Vermont - Maclay Architects

Hunger Mountain Co-op is nestled on the banks of the Winooski River in Montpelier, Vermont. Hunger Mountain Co-op is a member-owned cooperative which offers a wide selection of natural foods and products and a full service deli-cafe. With their quickly growing member and customer base the Co-op was out growing their 12,000 square foot facility. The Co-op needed an additional 7,000 square feet in order to increase their retail, receiving and office space while incorporating environmental features within their new addition and renovation of their existing facility.

Project Team:

Project Architect: Maclay Architects
Schematic Design: Bast & Rood Architects
Civil Engineer: Don Marsh
Structural Engineer: Engineering Ventures
MEP Consulting: L.N. Consulting
Landscape Consultant: Cynthia Knauf
Construction Manager: HP Cummings
Design Build HVAC and Refrigeration: New England Air Systems

Perspective Rendering and Site Plan - Hunger Mountain Co-op - Montpelier, Vermont - Maclay Architects


The Hunger Mountain Co-op expansion and renovation was in the planning stages for two years prior to Maclay Architects joining the project. Maclay Architects analyzed the existing structure, design work and budget and provided architectural services through design development, construction documents and construction administration for the Hunger Mountain Co-op additions and renovations to the existing facility. Through the course of design revolution and construction options were continually presented and assessed.

Increased Daylight building design - Hunger Mountain Co-op - Montpelier, Vermont - Maclay Architects

Environmental Features: The expansion and renovation of the Co-op includes the following green design elements that save energy, capture sunlight, capitalize on our cold climate, maintain air quality, minimize impermeable exterior surfaces, reduce noise pollution, and respect the planet.

Construction waste management plan diverted 88%, for recycling in lieu of landfill.

Site work:
- Building expansion without adding new parking to minimize paved areas

Wall construction:
- Exterior wall construction consisted of 6" deep spray-applied Nu-wool insulation for an air barrier and high insulation value with an additional layer of rigid on the exterior.
- Wood studs were used for a better thermal performance (rather than metal studs).

Windows and Doors:
- Focus on air sealing at all details to control air infiltration and energy efficiency
- Use of blower door testing to verify building performance
- Existing building air sealed to improve efficiency
- Existing doors and windows were reused in a number of locations.
- New windows and skylights installed for increased day lighting and views.

- FSC Certified dimensional lumber and plywood were used for the exterior wall framing and roof decking.
- Locally grown and milled cedar and hemlock were installed in the cafe extension and deck. Local maple used for the millwork.

Adhesives, caulks and sealants:
- Selected for durability while minimizing harmful chemicals used within the building

- Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), not harmful or smelly
- New wall colors chosen to improve lighting efficiency

- Equipment replaced for noise control and higher operating efficiency and refrigerant changed out to reduce ozone depletion potential

- High efficiency power density lighting in new and existing space
- Occupancy sensors, daylight sensors installed

- Walk-in coolers: Freeaire system to provide outdoor cold air to coolers, high efficiency compressors, evaporator motors
- Night curtains for display cases
- Retrofit existing display freezers with doors that reduce condensation and save energy

Heating and Cooling:
- High efficiency (11.5/11.8 Seer) units

- Dual flush toilets have been installed in the new locations with low flow aerators in the sinks.