William Maclay - Vermont Architects and Planners
Choices in Sustainability
Proctor Academy Dining Hall - Andover, NH

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Maclay Architects designed a new 350 seat dining hall for Proctor Academy to replace their existing dining facility housed in their fieldhouse.  Sited on the west end of the campus, the building is integrated into the campus context and creates convenient and safe pedestrian and vehicular access as well as improved green spaces.  

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Extensive windows, skylights and a cupola will offer natural daylighting, as well as views to the school’s ski hill and central campus green space. The character of the building, both inside and out, connects it to the Proctor campus context and speaks to the character and mission of the school. Sustainable materials and a strong connection to the outdoors and nature were central design themes. 

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The school’s “Live to Learn, Learn to Live” slogan is demonstrated through the design of the kitchen and server which opens up to students, bringing much of the cooking out in view of the students. The high efficiency, all-electric kitchen, LED lighting, advanced mechanical system and super insulated envelope make this project a leading example of environmental stewardship and illustrate the school’s strong commitment to global responsibility.  

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