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Putney Field House
Flex Gym Interior - Putney Field House - Putney VT - Maclay Architects

 In 2007, the Putney School initiated the design of a new field house that met the growing needs for high quality sports, wellness and social spaces. The school desired a state of the art athletic and wellness center to double as a tool for learning about the school's core values of environmental based learning, sustainability and social consciousness. The school also asked the design team to provide a building integrating well within the existing campus and character of the local Putney community.

Daylighting Interior - Putney Field House - Putney VT - Maclay Architects

From the offset of the project Maclay Architects brought together an integrated design team which included the school faculty, board members, students, community ,members, LEED associated professionals, project architects, energy design consultant, civil engineers and construction managers to evaluate and determine the energy and environmental goals for the project.

Interiors - Putney Field House - Putney VT - Maclay Architects

We offered choices of five levels of building performance: code compliant, high performing, green micro load, carbon neutral and net-zero. We updated construction, operating costs, and energy modeling at each phase of design. We also provided assistance with funding support materials and grant applications. Building and site construction budgets for the five facility design options evaluated ranged from 3.5 million to 5 million dollars. Projected first year energy costs for the five facility design options ranged from $22,500/ year to $ 1,200/ year. Estimated total C02 emissions for the five facility design options ranged from 130,000 LBs/yr to 0 LBS/ yr.

Dusk - Putney Field House - Putney VT - Maclay Architects

The school set out and achieved goals of net-zero energy consumption and LEED Platinum certification. Our team will continue to monitor the energy performance of this building. This project has received an honorable mention in the 2013 Governor's Award in Environmental Excellence, the 2010 VT Chapter of the AIA, Honor Award, for Excellence in Architecture Design, and the 2010 Efficiency Vermont - Better Buildings by Design, Honor Award.

Collection of energy data will allow us to provide documented energy intensity data. We will also monitor performance of all systems to ensure the building performance is consistent with projections.

See real time energy data. Use "student" for both the username and password.
Presentation boards submitted for the 2010 Efficiency Vermont design award: Board 1 Board 2 Board 3
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