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Choices in Sustainability
Salisbury Elementary School - Salisbury, Vermont

Salisbury Elementary School  - Salisbury, Vermont

In planning for a new elementary school for Salisbury, Vermont, the school board was concerned that their school be a nurturing learning environment, have healthy indoor air quality, and minimize energy consumption and environmental impacts.We were hired, along with architect Benjamin Stein, to design a school that would be a model of environmental design.

To achieve this we first developed environmental guidelines for the project, and also oriented the design to maximize energy conservation and use of natural daylight. Working with a nationally-known leader in indoor air quality design, we helped to engineer a comprehensive ventilation strategy for the building. Construction materials were recommended to minimize indoor air quality problems and lessen environmental impacts. These materials and innovative technologies included: super-insulated walls and ceilings with R-35 or greater densely-packed cellulose insulation, less toxic pains, adhesives, and linoleum flooring to improve air quality, "super windows" with insulated pultruded fiberglass frames for high insulation values and durability, and framing lumber in roof trusses from certified sustainably-managed forests. All of these components for a healthier building were monitored during construction so they would integrate into a successful school.