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Burlington Co-Housing - Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Co-Housing Large - Burlington, Vermont
Common House, Terrace, and Pedestrian Pathway

Burlington Co-Housing - Burlington, Vermont
Public Space

Burlington Co-Housing Backyard - Burlington, Vermont
Private Backyards


This 30 unit Urban development is intended to encourage a wide range of housing options to meet the different and changing needs of households with children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and moderate and low income families.

Schematic Elevations:

 Burlington Co-Housing south Elevation - Burlington, Vermont
South Elevation 
  Burlington Co-Housing East Elevation - Burlington, VermontBurlington Co-Housing West Elevation - Burlington, Vermont
East Elevation                                                                             West Elevation

The buildings are clustered preserving trees and open space, and keeping cars out of the pedestrian circulation spaces. The common house both houses 1 to 3 bedroom flats and a common kitchen, living and dining rooms, mailboxes and guestroom facilities. Centrally located heating is distributed underground to all buildings. The 14 townhouse units step down the slope to a community garden and workshop with accessible pathways weaving by each allowing for consistent accessibility to all units first floors. Improved insulation values and thorough air sealing allowed the project to receive an Energy Star 5 star plus rating from BED and VT Gas.


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Named one of America's Top 10 Green Cohousing Developments by Natural Home Magazine.