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Hardwick Retail/Housing - Hardwick, Vermont




Hardwick Retail/Housing - Hardwick, VermontA fire in the center of downtown Hardwick destroyed two buildings. Hardwick wanted a new building to bring vitality to the town and to relate to existing historic buildings. A non-profit housing developer proposed affordable housing on upper levels and retail space on the first floor. The owner was concerned about ongoing maintenance, energy costs, and the health of the occupants. There were challenging cost constraints, accessibility requirements, and site limitations.


Hardwick Retail/Housing - Hardwick, VermontAfter careful research and analysis, we designed a building that made more than half of the apartments accessible, saved substantially on energy costs over conventional energy conserving construction and provided better indoor air quality than any previous affordable housing project in Vermont. A double exterior wall and ceilings with nine inches of cellulose insulation, high R value windows and a fresh air circulation system with heat recovery were proposed to provide energy savings while maintaining healthy air. Less toxic paints, carpeting and adhesives were specified to improve indoor air quality. The new building's facade maintains the lines and materials of the adjoining historic buildings.


Hardwick Retail/Housing - Hardwick, VermontThe Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) and the Vermont Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) both presented this project with design awards.