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The New Net Zero

3dBook 300 3The threshold for green building is no longer low energy use, its now net-zero energy. The New Net Zero charts the path for exploring green design's new frontier: net-zero-energy structures that produce as much energy as they consume, using only renewable energy sources.

In a nation where buildings comprise roughly 40 percent of the country's total fossil fuel consumption, the interest in net-zero building is growing enormously—among designers interested in addressing climate change and consumers interested in energy efficiency and long-term savings.

This book makes the case for a net-zero future; explains net-zero building metrics, integrated design practices, and renewable energy options; provides practical construction details; and shares his lessons learned on building successful teams for net-zero construction projects.


Maclay Architects - New Net Zero Stone House Site PlanMaclay Architects - New Net Zero Aiken Solarium

Designers and builders will find a wealth of state-of-the-art information on such considerations as:

  • air, water, and vapor barriers
  • embodied energy
  • residential and commercial net-zero standards
  • monitoring and commissioning
  • insulation options
  • materials
  • costs
  • and more

The comprehensive overview is accompanied by case studies, which include institutional buildings, commercial projects, and residences. Both new construction and renovation projects—even of historic buildings—are covered in detail.

The New Net Zero is geared toward professionals exploring net-zero design, but also suitable for nonprofessionals seeking ideas, examples, and strategies on net-zero options that are beautiful and renewably powered, including communities, cities and regions. By the conclusion, the reader will understand why and how to create a net zero future that offers the highest quality of life and inspiration while being ecologically-minded and financially prudent.

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