This Net-Zero residence set on a stone dam abutment above the Mad River directly connects to the location through the use of site-harvested stone in both the building and the landscape. The house uses a super-insulated envelope, on-site photovoltaics, and a ground source heat pump to achieve its Net-Zero energy goals. The linear structure is accented with three daylight monitors rising through a sedum covered extensive green roof. The interior of the River House features a Douglass Fir timber frame and a hand-crafted fireplace constructed from stone native to the site. The floor is covered with a radiant slab. The thermal mass is charged from the expanse of south-facing triple-glazed windows.

The Net-Zero Residence uses photovoltaic and solar hot water arrays to power a ground source heat pump and integrated domestic hot water system. Electrical loads are reduced throughout the building and mechanical systems align with the output of the solar generation systems. The residence benefits from an East-West orientation that allows low-e windows to passively emit solar energy into the living space. The energy is stored in a dark concrete slab which runs throughout the house. The super-insulated envelope helps conserve the energy generated in the home’s active and passive systems.



Moretown, VT




4,500 sf