William Maclay - Vermont Architects and Planners
Choices in Sustainability
Villa Residence - Hinesburg, Vermont
We worked with the client and their builder to construct a house that is comfortable to live in while using only a few hundred dollars of energy for heating every year. Construction costs were $55 a square foot in 1981, which was comparable to typical builder custom homes. The exterior design combines an expanse of south facing glass, a curved roofline, and traditional Vermont materials and details. Inside, solar-heated air rises through a vertical airspace to the third floor, where it is circulated back down to a rock bin for passive heat storage. The staircase wraps around the central fireplace with a built-in bar, and provides views of Lake Champlain from a curved landing.

Published in the February/March 1985 issue of Fine Homebuilding magazine, this design was later used in a promotional brochure to sell the magazine.