William Maclay - Vermont Architects and Planners
Choices in Sustainability
Lake Sunapee Residence - New London, NH

"Working with the team at Maclay was a true pleasure. In a highly collaborative process, they designed a house that fits all of our needs: It is lovely, comfortable, functional and hugely energy efficient. Perhaps equally important, they were able to guide a client, who knew enough to make himself dangerous, through the process of getting to a Net Zero house. We could not be more pleased with the outcome and will miss our regular meetings and interactions with the folks at Maclay now that the house is done!" 

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The owners of a lakeside home on Lake Sunapee came to us with the desire to transform the existing dwelling into a timeless shingle-style, ultra energy-efficient family home that connects to the shorefront and the beautiful views of the lake. 

A new entry welcomes guests. Once through the door, they experience a view through the house to the lake. To enhance the relationship between the home and the lake, the extensive renovation includes increased views, access, decks and a terrace on the lake side. The exterior character of the house is completely altered with traditional forms and shingle-style details.

While the renovated structure retains the original footprint to reduce construction costs, the exterior walls, both above and below grade, and the new roof assembly are all super-insulated. All windows are triple-glazed high-performance units. An air-source heat pump system provides heat and minimal cooling. Coupled with these conservation measures, a rooftop photovoltaic installation is projected to make the home a net energy producer.

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