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Choices in Sustainability
Healthy Home - Moretown, Vermont

Moretown, Vermont - Healthy Home

A previous client wanted a new home which was a model of environmental construction. He selected the smaller version of the Vermont Healthy Home plans for his new home. We customized the plans to fit his site and specific desires. The home faces the view to the east and has solar collectors for space heating, domestic hot water and electrical generation on the south-facing roof. On the exterior, environmental materials used include siding from certified sustainably-managed forests, decking from recycled plastic and wood, and "slate" roofing that is made from recycled post consumer tires and post industrial baby diapers.

Moretown, Vermont - environmental construction

On the interior, Jon wanted the feeling of turn of the century arts and crafts design. Lower grade, under- utilized wood species were used for environmental and aesthetic reasons. Vermont slate was used on floors and kitchen counters. Radiant heat and energy conserving fixtures and appliances were installed.