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Bethesda Maryland Residence



Bethesda, MD - Tree House Bethesda, MD - Tree House
Bethesda, MD - Tree House Bethesda, MD - Tree House

The prominent architect Hugh Newell Jacobson designed the small but elegant modern home pictured on the lower left. Sitting on a south-facing hillside in Bethesda, Maryland, "The Tree House" commanded views of magnificent trees and park grounds from every window. The new owners wanted to reinforce the connection to the surrounding environment while renovating the house, adding more space, and creating a bedroom on the roof, "floating in the trees." We designed a barrel-vaulted top floor, curved stair tower for access, a new entryway, and a comprehensive renovation of the interior using less toxic paints and finishes. Our work on this project won an Honorable Mention Award for Excellence in Architecture from the Vermont Chapter of the AIA in 1995.