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Vermont Healthy Home


For nearly 40 years William Maclay Architects and Planners have been designing unique and inspiring environmentally focused homes. Throughout that time, we have looked for ways that we could bring some of the design innovation and quality to a broader community. So, over 25 years ago, we created and sold our first home plans. 15 years ago we updated our plans and introduced the Vermont Healthy Home. This home was designed as an integrated building that is healthy for people and the environment. It connects to nature it provides optimum indoor air quality, and it minimizes negative impacts on the environment. While this home was very energy conserving and used passive solar energy, it still needed additional energy for electricity and heat. So now we are introducing a home that generates more energy than it consumes on an annual basis even in Vermont's harsh climate. This way we all can live a healthier life and lessen our impact on our planet.

We offer the following options:

vhh_modern_thumb  vhh_trad_thumb
modern                                                                          traditional       

vhh_basic_thumb  vhh_exp_thumb
basic                                                                            expanded