William Maclay - Vermont Architects and Planners
Choices in Sustainability
What We Believe

Planet EarthMaclay Architects designs buildings and communities that are models for healthy, inspired living, advancing to a carbon neutral and ecologically sustainable future. We offer clients choices in selecting the appropriate levels of environmental performance. This may range from current standards to carbon neutral and/or net zero performance; buildings or communities that produce more energy than they consume annually.

Our project solutions are built on ecological and systems-based design principles using a collaborative process with our clients and stakeholders. We integrate environmental design throughout our process. We provide clear metrics so that our clients can select performance options based on their unique requirements. These assessments may include analysis of energy, carbon, environmental impacts, occupant health, or other factors. Financial analysis may include simple or detailed payback, return on investment, lifecycle, and/or other criteria.

In addition to metrics that we may develop internally to assess the performance of our projects, we can evaluate our projects using standards including the USGBC LEED rating system, the Cascadia Living Building Challenge, the Architecture 2030 Challenge, Green Globes, and other standards. To accomplish our goals, we are actively engaged in research, in networking with other innovators, in educating the public, and most importantly in collaborating with like minded clients to move as quickly and prudently forward in making a more sustainable world for future generations.