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“One of the most in-depth and definitive books on net-zero design and construction."

- Rick Fedrizzi,

Founding Chair, US Green Building Council

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The transformation to renewably powered buildings, communities, and planet is happening now with healthy, sustainable, regenerative, resilient, living buildings and places, connected to and built on nature (biophilia and biomimicry) and nature’s design principles. How can we move there quickly?

Net Zero / Net Positive Energy: What is it? Why now?

Lets work together for a NZ/NPE Future

Why NZ/NPE is the best investment today—the financial case

How much energy has Maclay Architect’s projects saved our clients since 1995?

Sustainable Certifications

  • Living Building Challenge

  • Passive House Institute

  • LEED Certification

  • WELL Certification

  • New Buildings Institute

How much energy has Maclay Architect’s projects saved our clients since 1995?

Over 100 million lbs. of CO2e

Over 60,000 acres of forest

Over 115 million miles driven

Over 6 billion smartphones charged

Over $13 million accumulated client savings

Over 12,000 megawatt hrs produced

Hinesburg, Vermont

Warren, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont