Our Team

Collaboration, vision and proven results.

We are passionate and mission driven. Our team is curious, innovative, and detail focused. We provide dedication and expertise paired with decades of unique experience. All of which allow us to offer strategic solutions support our clients’ success.

Through diverse interests and skills, we ensure that project goals and requirements are met and exceeded, thus achieving the outcomes and value that our clients desire from us. Through close collaboration and alignment with our clients—together we become the best team possible.

Maclay Architects has developed strong relationships with consultants including engineers, energy and building scientists, commissioning agents, landscape architects, cost estimators, development consultants, and others who we have worked with for decades to provide design and construction services specifically tailored to our client’s unique visions and project needs. We have established relationships with construction managers and contractors offering owners a productive and proactive team focused on delivering the highest quality work at all budget levels.


Bill Maclay

Vermont Architect Bill Maclay

Chris Cook

Vermont Architect Chris Cook

Marc W. Young

Vermont Architecture Marc W. Young

Catherine Earley

Vermont Architecture Cat Earley

Beth Eisenhower

Vermont Architecture Beth Eisenhower

Jennie Lumbra

Office Manager Jennie Lumbra

Brent McDonnell

Designer Brent McDonnell

Gina Basiliere

Intern Gina Basiliere