Design Challenge

The town of Moretown was seeking to replace their town offices that were flooded by Tropical Storm Irene. Following the flood, the town offices were temporary relocated outside of the village. The project sought to return the offices to the village while improving flood resilience.


The project began with a feasibility study performed by Maclay Architects and continued into the design and construction of a new building. Maclay Architect’s documentation and support helped this project secure a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program for $700,000, which significantly offset the project costs. Maclay Architects assisted with presentations at community meetings and the preparation of supporting documents for the grant application.


The new building is centrally located in the village, but out of the flood plain. The design includes flood proofing measures to ensure the building’s long-term resilience and durability. It provides fully accessible offices, a meeting space, and a new vault to store the town’s historic and land records.

Additionally, the super-insulated building envelope and high-performance mechanical systems minimize long-term energy costs to the town, and make the building net-zero ready.

Project Details


Moretown, VT




2,000 sf


Net Zero Ready