Design Challenge

Maclay Architects was hired to renovate and expand an existing vacant office and warehouse space for the Vermont Creamery, adjacent to their manufacturing facilities in Websterville, VT. Additional space was needed to accommodate the Creamery’s growing staff needs. Additionally, Vermont Creamery’s commitment to triple bottom line goals meant that the project while needing to be a pleasant work environment also required the space to be healthy, durable, cost effective and highly energy efficient.


3,000 sf of newly configured office space provides a healthy workplace environment with net zero ready insulation levels, ample natural daylight, excellent indoor air quality and highly efficient LED lighting. The new office space also allows for future staff expansion while promoting the company’s brand and embodying their fun and unique company culture.

The team developed various energy performance options to help the client weigh initial capital costs against potential operational savings and associated carbon impact. This cost benefit analysis approach allowed the client to make value-based decisions for their benefit over the long-term.


As a result of the energy modeling and financial analysis provided by Maclay Architects and Vermont Creamery Offices close collaboration with Efficiency Vermont, the Vermont Creamery opted for a net zero ready building and received incentives. Due to close collaboration with the Creamery’s builder, tricky renovation details were discussed and optimized to provide cost savings while meeting net zero ready standards, including meeting an impressive air tightness target, while keeping within a modest budget and fast-paced schedule. In 2016, the project received a “Best of the Best” award from Efficiency Vermont.

Project Details


Websterville, VT




3,000 sf (offices)


Net Zero Ready

Energy Intensity:

19 kBTU/sf-yr(modeled)

Air Infiltration:

0.075 cfm50/sf of above grade surface area


2016 Efficiency Vermont Best of the Best