Design Challenge

The State of Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation wanted to develop a masterplan for their existing Alburgh Dunes State Park. Located in the Champlain Islands on the shore of Lake Champlain, the 625-acre day-use park is one of the largest beaches on the lake.


Maclay Architects worked with LandWorks to first develop a masterplan. The design included increased parking and rain gardens to reduce storm water runoff. It sought to minimize the ecological footprint and disturbance of the natural site, while encouraging use through accessibility, design and function. Maclay Architects developed the individual structures proposed throughout the site, including both central and remote composting toilet facilities, an open pavilion, and contact stations. The low, open, horizontal buildings were designed to mimic the landscape horizon, while being visually unobtrusive by blending into the natural surroundings.


Following the development of the initial masterplan, the department elected to proceed with the site work and the construction of a contact station/changing and toilet building, and a remote toilet building.

Project Details


Alburgh, VT




Toilet/contact station: 650 sf
Remote toilet: 170 sf